Focus on dads: Quotes from LGBT families


In this post, we share some great quotes that we’ve found about fathers and fatherhood that have been volunteered by LGBT families from around the world.

“I say that I have two dads and my friends are fine with it, and then they tell me about themselves.”
Tasker 2010 (1)


 “My dad is an individual, a creative force, and just a real person. I think that’s a real lesson to impart to your kids.” … “I look at what my dad accomplished and I’m really impressed.”
Sharon Shattuck, filmmaker and adult child of a trans dad called Trisha


“Our family may be a bit different than most, but our kids know that they’re loved and that their two daddies will always be there for them, possibly with a female friend along if we’re buying a training bra or something.”
From a gay superdad (2)


“I don’t know you, and I don’t know what God’s best plan for your family is, but for ours, we are it. Thank you for your time today, but I can’t enroll my sons here. They are very special little boys and I can only entrust them to a school that is dedicated to helping them be the best they can be, and helping them take pride in who they are. This school is clearly not God’s best plan for that.”
Gay dad response to an anti-gay fundamentalist involved in enrollments at a school (3)


“OK, what are my options? Am I going to adopt? I just sat in front of the computer, doing research, until I found surrogacy, and I was like: ‘Woah! This looks really interesting.’ I interviewed so many people that were part of this beautiful world, and I decided this was going to be my way.” When he told his mother, “she was like ‘surr-o-ga-what? This is like a movie of the future, Rick.’ And I replied, ‘Well, Mom, we’re part of the future.'”
Ricky Martin on having children


1) Tasker et al, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 2010;31(4):326-337.
2) A gay dad from Mommy man Adventures of a Gay Superdad
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4) Ricky Martin interviewed by The Guardian

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