Film: “I Do” tackles immigration dilemma for a gay Brit in NYC

Directed by: Glenn Gaylord. Producer: David W. Ross. Written by: David W. Ross. Starring: David W. Ross, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alicia Witt, Grant Bowler, Maurice Compte, Mike C. Manning. Cinematography: David Morris Gil. Production company: Blacklist Digital, Shool Pictures. Release date(s): July 18, 2012. Country: United States. Language: English. Budget: Unknown. Duration: 91 minutes.


Grief, love and coming out collide: Review of the movie Lilting

Directed by: Hong Khaou. Produced by: Dominic Buchanan. Written by: Hong Khaou. Starring: Ben Whishaw, Cheng Pei-pei, Andrew Leung, Morven Christie, Naomi Christie, Peter Bowles. Cinematography: Urszula Pontikos. Production company: Film London Microwave BBC Films Skillset. Release date(s): January 16, 2014 (Sundance Film Festival). Country: United Kingdom. Language: English. Budget: £120,000. Duration: 91 minutes.


Tru Love: A love story involving three women whose hearts crack open

Directed by: Kate Johnston, Shauna MacDonald. Producer: Kate Johnston, Shauna MacDonald. Written by: Kate Johnston, Shauna MacDonald. Starring: Shauna MacDonald, Kate Trotter, Christine Horne, Peter MacNeill, Rachael Ancheril. Cinematography: Maya Bankovic. Production company: TomGirl Films. Release date(s): October 4, 2013. Country: Canada. Language: . Budget: Unknown. Duration: 87 minutes.