Gay dads: Stonewall releases good guidance for gay dads


Some people like to consider all of their options when it comes to working out how to become a dad. In fact, there are many options available to gay dads, including adoption, fostering, surrogacy, just to name a few. Stonewall’s very helpful resource for those who are thinking about becoming a father is called “A guide for gay dads”.

The booklet guides prospective gay dads through all their options including adoption, co-parenting, surrogacy, sperm donation and fostering. It includes a handy glossary and spells out all the legal changes in the UK (up until 2010) in plain English to help demystify the process.

Ben Summerskill, then Stonewall Chief Executive, said: “There’s never been a better time for gay men to start a family in Britain. The law is now on their side. And this comprehensive new guide – the first of its kind specifically aimed at gay men – outlines all options, with handy tips and places to go for further support. We hope it’ll convince some gay men who might have otherwise written off the prospect of raising children to re-consider.”

The guide is comprehensive and it covers a diverse range of information, including information on: adoption, fostering, surrogacy, co-parenting, donating sperm, and how to be a dad. The guide is free and available for download from Stonewall.

The guide forms part of a suite of other Stonewall resources, including the one for lesbian moms. Pink Families congratulates Stonewall on producing such a wonderful guide.

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