HRC exposes anti-gay lobbyists targeting Russian gay families


The Human Rights Campaign has released a web video featuring a number of the anti-gay lobbyists and how they contributed to anti-gay laws in Russia. The video highlights President Vladimir Putin’s bill that has been signed into law, which outlaws “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations”. Putin has been quoted as saying that he thinks it’s dangerous to give equality to gay people as doing so supposedly presents a danger to children’s safety.

As a consequence, there has been discussion of authorities taking children away from gay and lesbian parents. When discussing the Olympic games, Putin, as reported by the Washington Post, sent a message to the gay community saying: “One can feel calm and at ease,” he said. “Just leave kids alone, please.”

Putin’s anti-gay law has been used to eradicate homosexuality in Russia and the law has had a dramatic impact on the lives of many. People have been described as living in fear and changing their lifestyle to avoid being outed or being seen as engaging in any behavior that may promote a gay lifestyle.

The Human Rights Campaign video details how more than a dozen anti-gay lobbyists from the US traveled to Russia to lobby for these anti-gay laws. It highlights how some of these advocates have been promoting this law as a way of protecting children and their civil rights. The video also reminds us that the quest for human rights is a global issue.

This video has been developed by the Human Rights Campaign. Feel free to share widely to help promote their important and effective work.

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