Out With Dad: A web series about a single father and his lesbian teenage daughter


With more and more single parents out there, it’s important for single dads with gay children to not feel alone. It’s useful to acknowledge the unique experiences of what it’s like to be a single father with a gay child. Some of us may have become single through a painful and sometimes exhausting separation from a male or female partner. Some of us may have suffered a bereavement and been left as a single parent. Alternatively, some of us may have consciously embarked on a journey of becoming a single father. Whatever our journey, connecting with others that have had similar experiences can help. In this post, Pink Families highlights one of our favorite web series called Out with Dad that examines what it’s like to be a single father with a child that is questioning their sexual orientation.

The ins and outs of Out with Dad

Out with Dad is a Canadian-based web series that revolves around the relationship of a single father and his teenage daughter who is coming to terms with her sexual orientation. The series explores themes of love, what it’s like to be a single parent, sexual orientation and sexuality.

The theme of coming out is also examined from both the perspective of Rose, the daughter, and Nathan, the single father. Throughout the series, Rose slowly but surely begins to explore her romantic feelings for other women. While Nathan, at least initially, is left self-critically examining the reasons why Rose might be gay. He then embarks on a journey of growth while trying to balance the need to support Rose and at the same time attend to his challenges and needs as a single father.

One of the wonderful features of Out With Dad is that it explores all of these themes sensitively within the context of a parent-child relationship. The series skilfully charts the tensions between the need for a teenager to become autonomous and create her own identity, while also still needing the love from her father, especially when trying to work out aspects of her sexual orientation.

Insights regarding what it’s like to be a single father and wanting to protect your child are also sensitively explored through Nathan’s character. For example, in one episode where Nathan and Rose attend PFlag, Nathan confides that: “It’s just the two of us and we’ve always had each others’ backs, so the thought that she was hiding something from me was killing me”. Time and time again, the unique yet familiar aspects of being a single father are charted throughout the series. In this respect, the series articulates an often unexplored yet very important aspect of fatherhood.

The first series of Out With Dad was launched in 2010. Following that, a second series was produced, and due to overwhelming success, a third series is on its way. The series was created, launched and directed by Jason Leaver, a passionate and talented filmmaker.

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Pink Families congratulates and thanks Jason, and his cast and crew, on such a fabulous web series.

We warmly recommend this web series to people who are coming to terms with their sexual orientation, single parents, and, well, basically to anyone and everyone who has a family.

Watch the trailer for Out with Dad in the video below.

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Directed by: Jason Leaver. Producer: Jason Leaver. Written by: Jason Leaver. Starring: Kate Conway, Jonathan Robbins, Lindsey Middleton, Caitlynne Medrek, Corey Lof. Cinematography: Jason Leaver, Bruce William Harper. Production company: Unknown. Release date(s): July 8th, 2010. Country: Canada. Language: English. Budget: Unknown. Duration: Various.

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