Producing Adults: A film about the desire to have a child


Producing Adults is a Finnish film about the desire to have a child and finding the right person to do this with. The film was released in 2004 and was nominated by Finland for an Oscar.

The plot of Producing Adults

The lead character in this film, Venla, seems to have it all. She has a secure job as a counselor in a fertility clinic, a committed male partner called Antero and a comfortable house. Now, to top it all off Venla wants to have a baby with her long-term boyfriend.

However, Antero is pursuing his career as a speed-skating champion and he doesn’t share Venla’s priority of having a child. But rather than letting Venla know about his feelings he pretends to go along with Venla’s efforts to get pregnant. At the same time, he tries to avoid getting pregnant at all costs. Antero loves Venla and he doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Venla by telling her that he doesn’t want to have a baby.

When Venla finds out that Antero doesn’t want to be a father she provides him with an ultimatum “Either we have the child or we split up.” Out of desperation she turns to a bisexual colleague at work, called Satur, for help.

Satur and Venla form a friendship as they work toward fulfilling Venla’s dream of motherhood. However, while they try to get Venla pregnant they find themselves in some unfortunate situations, including one scenario where their boss tries to impregnate Venla.

Throughout the film, both of women’s lives continue to develop independently, and as the film continues their lives slowly begin to merge. Throughout the movie the viewer also begins to learn more about the successful Satu and her relationship with her sensitive yet slightly unusual brother, her devoted lover, and her seriously ill mother who just wants Satu to find a partner and be happy. The plot of Producing Adults constantly twists and turns, yet the relationship between Venla and Satu begins to deepen.

What’s in this film for me?

Producing Adults was written and directed by Finnish
Aleksi Salmenperä. The film involves a talented cast of strong actors that bring a relatively unusual story-line and string of characters to life.

Producing Adults is a heart-warming and sexy film that illustrates the complexities of havingProducing adults the desire to have a child with someone who doesn’t want to have a baby. The film also illustrates the complexities of bisexual relationships that can be both liberating and complicated at the same time.

The film also provides a sensitive portrayal of the relationship between straight and bisexual siblings who care deeply about each other, the intricacies of artificial insemination, and the film addresses an often neglected topic of when bisexual women come together as parents in a same-sex relationship.

Watch the Producing Adults trailer in the film below.

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Directed by: Aleksi Salmenperä. Producer: Helena Danielsson, Tomas Eskilsson, Petri Jokiranta, Tero Kaukomaa, Jukka Kujala, Peter Possne. Written by: Pekko Pesonen. Starring: Kari-Pekka Toivonen, Minna Haapkylä, Minttu Mustakallio, Tommi Eronen, Pekka Strang, Dick Idman. Cinematography: Tuomo Hutri. Production company: Blind Spot Pictures Oy, Sonet Film AB, Film i Väst. Release date(s): April 28, 2004. Country: Finland. Language: Finnish. Budget: Unknown. Duration: 92 minutes.

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