Same-sex parenting: Gay dad speaks out about research


A gay dad and the lead researcher of a ground-breaking study into the effects of same-sex parenting on children were recently interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about the investigation’s findings. The research, originally published in June 2013, found that children raised by same-sex parents are doing very well compared to their peers, particularly regarding general health and family cohesion.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr Simon Crouch, from the Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program at University of Melbourne, said children raised by same-sex parents scored 6% higher, on average, when compared with the general population on indicators of general health and family cohesion.

Mr Rodney Chiang-Cruise, a father of three boys who is in a same-sex relationship, said: “The traditional nurturing role is shared; it’s not one parent over another; the traditional bread-winning role is shared.”

The study showed that a more equitable share of chores corresponded with a harmonious household and a positive impact on children’s health.

This view corresponds with other research into same-sex parenting styles, which has shown that same-sex parents often bring a more egalitarian approach to parenting – often in contrast to more traditional approaches, where men and women are expected to take on specific and predefined roles and responsibilities.

However, despite the positive findings regarding same-sex parenting overall, the research revealed that two thirds of the children in the study experienced stigma because of having same-sex parents, highlighting the reality that societal expectations and systems still have some way to go in the acceptance and support of LGBT families.

You can read the original in-depth article on the June 2013 research published by Pink Families here.

A recording of the recent interview of Crouch and Chiang-Cruise by Rachael Brown is available on the ABC News website.

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