Senator Penny Wong: “Homophobia is never acceptable”

In July 2014 a homophobic remark was made by a sports commentator on Australia’s Channel 7 television network. The comment was about an AFL footballer. It showed that casual homophobia still exists in Australia. In response, Senator Penny Wong made a powerful speech (shown in the video above) in the Australian Senate on July 16, 2014.

Senator Wong said: “Homophobia is never acceptable. It’s no joke to be caught in the crossfire of prejudice and it’s no joke to live with the fear of being rejected or vilified or persecuted because of who you are… for every homophobe there are hundreds of people – gay and straight – with the courage to stand up for what is right.”

Who is Senator Penny Wong?Senator Penny Wong

Senator Penny Wong is the Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment. Wong is also a Senator for South Australia.

Wong was the first Asian-born member of an Australian cabinet and first openly out lesbian in the Australian cabinet.

Senator Penny Wong lives with her partner Sophie and their young daughter Alexandra in Adelaide.


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