Movie Kawa: When a married dad with kids realizes he’s gay

Directed by: Katie Wolfe. Producer: Nicole Hoey, Christina Milligan. Written by: Kate McDermott. Starring: Calvin Tuteao, Dean O’Gorman, Nathalie Boltt, George Henare, Vicky Haughton. Cinematography: Fred Renata. Production company: Cinco Cine (co-production), Conbrio. Release date(s): October 17, 2010. Country: New Zealand. Language: English Māori language. Budget: Unknown. Duration: 76 minutes.


Older LGBT adults: Aging well in rural communities

Many stereotypes abound in relation to older LGBT adults. One is that none of them live in rural communities. If they do live in the country, then they are faced with a life of loneliness, goes the assumption. But is this the case for everyone or just a stereotype? A recent case study published in […]