Tales from the other side: Exposing LGBT domestic violence

Tales from The other side includes five inspiring personal stories of domestic family violence, challenges myths about domestic violence in LGBTI relationships. Some of those filmed share how they’ve survived domestic violence.

One participant said: “My life is good after the end of that relationship. It took a while to kind of get myself back to – I lost a lot of my own identity. Because it came so about that other person.”

Another shared: “I am empowered to make my own decisions. Lots of love from my friends and partner.”

Produced by ACON, a leading HIV and LGBTI health organization in New South Wales, Australia, it helps us to understand what same-sex domestic violence is and draws attention to resources to help people who find themselves in this situation.

Helpful resources in Australia

ACON’s Anti-Violence Project (NSW)
02 9206 2116

Safe Relationships Project (NSW)
Court Assistance
02 9332 1966

Another Closet

QLife Counselling Support
1800 184 527 (5.30-10.30pm)

Police encourage reporting as soon as possible in an emergency call 000

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