Ten tips for the ultimate Easter egg hunt


Easter only comes around once a year and the pinnacle is the Easter egg hunt. Here are ten tips to help you have the ultimate Easter egg hunt this year.

1. Count your eggs

Remember to count the number of eggs you have before you hide them. Knowing how many are hidden will help when it comes to finishing the game. Telling everyone that you have one last egg left to find can help bring everyone together at the end of the game. It can help keep the enthusiasm up and create a real sense of fun to finish your Easter egg hunt off on a high.

2. Set some ground rules

Setting ground rules before you begin can also help you have the ultimate Easter egg hunt. For example, you might want everyone to find seven eggs first before they are allowed to find anymore.

This tip is particularly helpful if you have younger and older children in your family. It’s useful to plan ahead for the older ones. For example, once your older child finds seven eggs you might give them a special task to find a treat that is hidden in a more difficult spot. Alternatively, you might ask them to help your youngest child find their first set of seven eggs before they can go and find anymore.

3. Mix it up

Most children LOVE chocolate and this is why they can easily overdose on chocolate during Easter. Help slow down their chocolate intake by mixing it up a bit. You can do this by hiding treasures that aren’t made of chocolate. For example, hide some little Easter trinkets such as a little rabbit toy or plastic Easter eggs with non-material gifts inside.

A non-material gift might be a plastic egg with a special message for whoever finds it. The message might allow the child to choose which Easter game to play after the Easter egg hunt. Remember to let them all know that not every egg will be chocolate as some children might be disappointed if they find one of the non-chocolate variety. Tell them that the non-chocolate eggs are EXTRA special.

4. Create teams

Creating teams made up of older and younger children can help you have an ultimate Easter egg hunt. Using a team approach can help even out the number of eggs that each child ends up with.

5. Take turns

The fifth tip to help you have a successful Easter egg hunt is to have each child take turns in finding their Easter eggs. This will help everyone find some eggs and not just the speedy ones.

6. Hide some easy-to-find treasure

When hiding your eggs hide some of your treasure more easily for the younger children. But, do this in certain areas only. Direct the younger children to start their search in the easier-to-find area. This will help them find some Easter eggs more easily.

7. Don’t hide your eggs in a hot spot

Remember to hide your eggs where they won’t melt. Avoid hiding your eggs in the sun or near the oven, for example.

8. Hide the eggs in the morning

Hide the Easter eggs in the morning of your Easter egg hunt otherwise they can become damp with mildew. They also can become inedible if it rains overnight.

9. End with a special event

End your Easter egg hunt with a special event, such as a picnic, an Easter lunch or another Easter game such as an egg-and-spoon race.

10. Include everyone

The biggest secret to having an ultimate Easter egg hunt is involving everyone. This is done by using simple strategies such as taking turns and creating interest through adding variety of tasks based on your child’s abilities. Doing this will help everyone to join in.

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