Ceremony ideas: Making your commitment ceremony special


Your commitment ceremony is an occasion specifically designed to celebrate your special relationship. Don’t be afraid to make it special. You might wish to throw a big party. Alternatively, you may wish to facilitate a more intimate ceremony to celebrate your relationship. Taking the time to consider how you might use symbolism and readings, promises or vows, and how you might involve others will help make it a special day. Planning to create mementos on the day will also help you have a special occasion which you can relive for years to come. In this post, Pink Families shares some commitment ceremony ideas with you in order to make your day a special one.


Using symbolism within your commitment ceremony can add an extra dimension of creativity and depth to your ceremony. Symbolism is where you use some item or action to represent an aspect of your commitment to each other.

Some couples light a candle to represent the energy and warmth that their relationship brings to them. Others share rings to symbolize the enduring nature of their love. Others drink from the same wine glass to symbolize the sharing of their love, wealth and happiness.

The options are endless. In order to identify what symbols to use, work out what images are special to you and use these to represent your commitment to each other.

In addition, there may be some special symbol that has a special meaning to your family. Incorporating this symbol into your ceremony may help you feel connected to others within your family, and it may also help welcome your partner into your extended family.

Readings, promises or vows

Using a reading, sharing a promise or making a vow on the day can help crystallize the type of commitment you make to each to other. Sharing the reading, promise or vow with others who attend can help them understand the type of commitment that you are making. Sharing a special poem or reading with your partner can help communicate what you intend to share with them in the future. Expressing your type of commitment to your partner may help define the nature of your commitment.

Involving others

There are times in LGBTI relationships where you might feel that your relationship is undervalued by others. Commitment ceremonies provide other people with the opportunity to show their support to you. Taking the time to think about how you would like to involve your friends and family in your commitment ceremony is therefore important.

Involving others helps enable support for the both of you. This support can start during your ceremony. This might involve asking someone to share a story about when the two of you met. Or asking someone to share a story that characterizes your love for each other. Or having someone share a happy wish for your shared future.

Creating mementos

Having something concrete to help you remember your commitment ceremony will assist you in reliving the feelings that you had on the day. Having these mementos will also help you recall your happy memories in the future.

Before your ceremony, think about what mementos you might use to be able to relive your commitment ceremony in the future. This might include having commitment rings. A book that was signed by the guests who came to your ceremony, or photos or a video that captured the highlights of your special event.

Make it special

Taking the time to cultivate your commitment ceremony ideas can help create a very special occasion for you and your partner. It’s your ceremony. Don’t be afraid to celebrate and make it special.

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