What is a commitment ceremony?


A commitment ceremony is an occasion that involves a special ceremony that focuses on you and your partner. It is a ceremony that celebrates your shared commitment. It pays special tribute to your same-sex relationship. Put simply, it is a special ritual or event that focuses on the commitment between the two of you. In this post, Pink Families explores the history of commitment ceremonies, explains what happens during a commitment ceremony and we share some of the reasons why you might have this type of ceremony.

The history of commitment ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies in one form or another have existed for centuries. In fact, commitment ceremonies were used before marriage was invented. Before marriage started to be used, couples would promise themselves to one another. A commitment ceremony is an age-old way of celebrating a relationship.

The evolution of marriage from commitment ceremonies is not always discussed in society. Now, marriage is mostly seen as the primary way to provide society with the opportunity to understand the extent and nature of intimate relationships.

However, marriage isn’t always an option for LGBTI partners. As a consequence, some LGBTI families have found other ways to celebrate their relationships and mark their importance. This includes having a commitment ceremony.

Also, not everyone wants to get married or wants to have a civil partnership. Some people don’t believe in the institution of marriage and others believe that the state should not have a role in the commitment that you make to the person you love.

For some same-sex couples the idea of getting married or having a civil partnership isn’t appealing or necessary. But at the same time, they may wish to celebrate their relationship and mark their commitment to each other. In these scenarios, commitment ceremonies are sometimes a good option.

What happens?

Commitment ceremonies vary in their structure and content. They vary because the ceremony is an event personally designed for you and your partner. The ceremony is designed to enhance your commitment to each other and it will most probably reflect unique aspects of your relationship.

A commitment ceremony can either be a private affair or it can be much more public. The ceremony can, for example, involve a very public declaration of your commitment to each other. Commitment ceremonies can focus on the sacred and involve a focus on spirituality. Alternatively, a commitment ceremony can involve a large party with little or no reference to spirituality.

Why have a commitment ceremony?

Relationships form part of who we are. They shape us and support us. Good, strong relationships can even challenge us and help us grow. Many LGBTI couples have loving and lasting relationships.

Having a commitment ceremony involves a celebration that is in addition to your usual way of celebrating your relationship. Celebrating your relationship is an important part of maintaining the vitality of your relationship.

Having a commitment ceremony can show your partner how much you love them. They can also be used to show others how important your relationship is to you, and, importantly, a commitment ceremony provides those around you with an opportunity to celebrate your relationship.

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