Film: “I Do” tackles immigration dilemma for a gay Brit in NYC


Jack, the main character of the charming and engaging film I Do, has an impossible decision to make. He’s a gay Brit who has lived most of his life in New York, but he suddenly loses his immigration status and quickly needs to find a way to stay. He has built a successful career in New York and also takes the pivotal role he plays in the life of his young niece Tara and her mother very seriously. Jack’s whole life is in New York and the thought of leaving is unbearable.

After exploring all options to stay in the country, he realizes he doesn’t have many choices available to him as a gay man. So, to get around immigration laws and stay in the US, he marries his “bestie”, a lesbian who has recently broken up with her girlfriend.

And just when Jack thought his life couldn’t become any more complicated, he meets the love of his life. This chance meeting means Jack is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision of whether or not to continue to care for his surrogate family or ultimately live his own life.

The film I Do is well-crafted and engages the viewer on a number of levels. It examines timely topics, including the legalization of gay marriage, while exploring the perennial issues of family obligation and guilt, and the choices that sometimes need to be made when you meet the love of your life. And it has a great soundtrack to boot.

On the surface, I Do could be described as a love story. But, it might also be seem as a serious drama (admittedly with lots of funny parts) as it touches on what it’s like to have limited life choices just because you are gay.

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For example, the film addresses serious issues such as immigration involving countries that do and don’t recognize same-sex marriage. These types of dilemmas can ultimately become a deciding factor in being able to live with the person you love.

I Do was produced by Stephen Israel and it stars David W Ross, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is directed by Glenn Gaylord and brings together a convincing supporting cast, including Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Alison Federman), Mya Edwards (Alicia Witt), Maurice Compte (Mano Alfaro), Grant Bowler (Peter Edwards) and Jessica Tyler Brown (Tara Edwards).

After nine years in the making, I Do was released in July 18 2012 in the midst of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) debate about whether gay marriage should be recognized federally in the US. Although I Do depicts what it was like before DOMA, the film is just as relevant now. I Do sheds light on how:

“Two words can change everything.”

This feature film is well worth watching and is highly recommended.

Watch the I Do trailer in the video below.

Directed by: Glenn Gaylord. Producer: David W. Ross. Written by: David W. Ross. Starring: David W. Ross, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Alicia Witt, Grant Bowler, Maurice Compte, Mike C. Manning. Cinematography: David Morris Gil. Production company: Blacklist Digital, Shool Pictures. Release date(s): July 18, 2012. Country: United States. Language: English. Budget: Unknown. Duration: 91 minutes.

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