Gayby film review: The comical journey about having a baby


Gayby, a comedy-drama film launched in 2012, is all about two long-term friends who agree to have a baby and become co-parents. The film centers around a friendship between two friends from college, Jenn and Matt, and highlights the joys and challenges of a straight woman and a gay man coming together to have a baby.

The Gayby story

Jenn is a yoga instructor and describes herself as a “fag hag from birth”. She has always wanted to have a baby, but she is yet to find a long-term partner to have her child. But she doesn’t let this stop her. She decides to approach her best friend from college, Matt, to father her child.

Matt is a gay man who has only recently come out of a long-term relationship with another man, called Tom. The relationship between Matt and Tom ended badly, and Tom is still trying to recover from the break-up. Tom’s heartache makes is difficult for him to pursue new intimate encounters and new relationships, although this doesn’t stop him from trying.

Initially the timing of Jenn’s approach about having a child comes as a surprise to Matt. But, after some discussion and some careful consideration, Matt agrees to Jenn’s request, and they decide to have a “gayby”.

Once they agree to have a gayby, they discuss their plan with their friends and both of them are encouraged along the way by their group of eclectic, hilarious friends. This includes Jenn’s gay co-worker Jamie who is a yoga instructor (like Jenn) and also Jenn’s aggressive, yet strangely affectionate, sister Kelly. Kelly is also going through the adoption process at the same time that Jenn is trying to have a baby, and this adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Matt’s buddy, called Nelson, also features in the film. Nelson is a dry-witted character and his experience of fathering children to two different lesbian families is a big help to Jenn and Matt in a particular scene.

In order to avoid fertility clinics and all the complications that go with having fertility treatment, Jenn initially wants to have their baby through the good ole’ fashion way, that is through intercourse. So, at first they begin to try and conceive through having sex.

But, as time progresses other events transpire in their life and they start to use artificial insemination. Around this time, their journey to get pregnant, just like life and relationships, starts to become a little more complicated.

Why watch this film?Gayby

This film is loads of fun, it’s quirky and it is on topic for many Pink Families. Many of the actors in this film were friends before filming started. The actors all seem very comfortable with each other, and they obviously had a lot of fun making the film. This sense of fun and comfort filters through to those who watch the film.

The film was written and directed by Jonathan Lisecki, who plays the character of Nelson. During an interview for Wolfe films Jonathan Lisecki shared “In reality we all had a blast making this [film] with our friends and we made each other laugh, and I think that people can sense that. They sense that we really did have a good time making this so people have a good time watching this. It truly is like a work made with love”.

The film offers insight into straight-gay friendships, the ins and outs of co-parenting, the concerns of co-parents that are friends, and the realities of trying to have a baby while also trying to get on with life and finding love.

Watch the Gayby trailer in the film below.

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Directed by: Jonathan Lisecki. Producer: Unknown. Written by: Jonathan Lisecki. Starring: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Mike Doyle. Cinematography: Clay Liford. Production company: Hubbhobb. Release date(s): March 11, 2012. Country: United States. Language: English. Budget: Unknown. Duration: 89 minutes.

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