Petition to help legalize same-sex adoption in South Australia


A petition to help legalize same-sex adoption in Australia  has been launched by a gay dad, Shaun. Shaun has been in a relationship with his husband for over 10 years. They adopted two sons in the UK in 2011-2013. Same-sex adoption became legal in 2005 in the UK. However, now they live in South Australia where their family isn’t recognized, as same-sex adoption isn’t legal.

In Australia, same-sex adoption is determined not at a federal level, but at a state or territory level. Currently, same-sex adoption is only legal in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania and Western Australia. Queensland, the Northern Territory, Victoria and South Australia are yet to legalize same-sex adoption.

This lack of legal recognition has prompted Shaun and his family to set up an electronic petition to help gather support for same-sex adoption, and in particular to help legalize same-sex adoption in South Australia.

Shaun said: “We worry, often, about the future, and how it is that we will come to explain to our children that the State, the community they live in and contribute to, defines their family as lesser, unrecognized, dismissed in the eyes of the law.

“Finally, we should all agree that in this day and age children should be  taught about equality, given techniques to avoid discrimination and the confidence to help others understand where their own prejudice is drawn from.

“Please sign this petition, so that someone, somewhere will see the need to bring about this change in South Australia.”

The heart-felt letter is signed by all members of Shaun’s family: “Shaun, Blue, Joshi and Dylan x”.

Sign this petition

The petition can be found at the website: Shaun has addressed the petition to the Premier of South Australia and South Australia’s Minister for Education and Child Development. It simply requests that South Australia legalize same-sex adoption.

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