Trans men talk about how to combat depression

Many gay, bi and trans men experience depression at some point in their life. beyondblue, the national initiative to raise awareness of anxiety and depression in Australia, reports that 60% of trans men in Australia and 50% of trans women experience depression. beyondblue has launched a campaign to provide insight into depression and anxiety and to show you how to combat depression in the face of change and uncertainty.

The video from the campaign features three trans men who talk about the challenges they’ve experienced and what’s helped them overcome depression. For example, Jack, who is 48 years old, talks about his experiences of anxiety that he experienced everyday in his life, and also the discrimination and violence he experienced as identifying as transgender and as a masculine-identified lesbian.

Jack said: “For me it felt like I was never going to fit. I would never fit anywhere. So when I did attempt to do that, to attempt suicide, the biggest thing I got out of that I would say is don’t wait until you’re going to do that. Speak. Speak to somebody.

“Because the thing I didn’t do was tell anybody. So, and what happens is, it becomes huge in your head. It’s just your own voice swinging around in circles and you’ll never find a door out of there like that, without talking to somebody and without going through what is happening for you.

beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell AO says: “We also know that while trans men are more likely to seek assistance for depression and anxiety than gay men, they are less likely to find this assistance useful, because of a lack of understanding by health services and discrimination.

“We hope these stories will help build awareness of some of the challenges trans men face and let other trans men who may be going through a difficult time know that there is hope.”

beyondblue has many useful resources for the LGBTI community and can help you learn how to combat depression. For example, they have released fact sheets to help you know how to cope with depression and anxiety.

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